2015 CeBIT

Asia-Pacific Association of Commerce

in Europe

APAC @ CeBIT 2015 International Business Area

16 - 20 March | Hanover, Germany

Image: Jack Ma, Founder and CEO, Alibaba Group, at CeBIT 2015 Opening Ceremony, by Deutsche Messe AG.

City of Cologne


CeBIT 2015 Asia-Pacific Counter

Under the label "d!econmy" the CeBIT 2015 put in focus the fast digitalisation of business and society. The Asia-Pacific region has moved further into the centre of global IT industry, not only as a market but also with its increasingly competetive enterprises. Amongst all foreign nations, China - partner country of CeBIT 2015 - has sent the largest number of exhibitors to Hanover.


APAC and its partners did complement and promote CeBIT's shift towards a greater orientation towards the region:


The City of Cologne has been in 2015 exhibitor at the CeBIT Asia-Pacific Counter - supported by the German Asia Pacific Society (DAPG). Read more ...


The CeBIT 2015 Asia-Pacific Forum, March 19, at the International Business Area (IBA) provided a deeper understanding of crossborder investment and trade to and from the emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific. Read more


View CeBIT media coverage of APAC / City of Cologne here.

People's Republic of China

Official Partner Country

CeBIT 2015

APAC featured trade fairs and business congresses:

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