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APAC China Meeting I

"Jiashan as a Case Study for Sustainable Sino-German Industrial Site Development"



25 April 2016


The event was opend by the mayor of Jiashan county, Mr. QI Hailong, followed by a round of experts:


> Introduction of the cooperation project with Jiashan E Development Zone

Ansgar Rudolph, InSITE BAVARIA


> Network: Umweltcluster Bayern – Experts for Environmental Technologies

Reinhard Büchel, Umweltcluster Bayern


> Expert for Circular Economy Concepts –The Sharebox project

Dr. Patrick Prühs, Chemie-Cluster Bayern GmbH


Finally Mr. Rudolf Scharping (Federal Minister ret., Premier ret.) and chairman of RSBK - Strategie | Beratung | Kommunikation AG adressed the connection of Jiashan and the “OneBeltOneRoad”-Concept and hinted on new Business Opportunities by Industrie 4.0


The event was closed by a signing ceremony: of a Joint Venture Investment Project in the field of Hydrogen vehicle in Jiashan EDZ


Closing Remarks:

Asia-Pacific Association of Commerce

in Europe


In conjunction with its cooperating partners, APAC organised a series of hi-profile meetings at HANNOVER MESSE focusing on selected countries and locations, industries and business functions. In 2016, APAC did emphasise on China by offering an event trilogy referring to the world's largest economy -- calculated by GDP PPP.

Rudolf Scharping

Federal Minister ret.

APAC China Meeting II

"How to shape business models for the Chinese market?"



27 April 2016


China legal expert Mr. Richard Hoffmann, Partner of ECOVIS Beijing, provided a comprehensive update and hinted on success factors when setting up or re-shaping a business in China. Amongst the topics:


> Structuring companies in China

> Financing

> Optimizing tax burden

> Know about the Chinese labour law

> VAT and other tax reforms


The event was moderated by Rainer Gehnen (APAC).


Expert Speaker:

Richard Hoffmann


ECOVIS Beijing

APAC China Meeting III

"Discover the enormous potentials of China's Southwest"



28 April 2016



> China ist nicht China - Facts & Figures zu Chinas Westen

> Praxisbericht aus dem Anlagenbau im Sino-German Business Park in Pujiang, Chengdu

> Erfolgsfaktoren für mittelständische Unternehmen bei der Expansion nach China: Warum ein sozioökonomischer und soziotechnischer Ansatz Sinn macht


Moderation: Rainer Gehnen (APAC)


Expert Speaker::

Matthias Zurfluh

CEO & Managing Partner



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