2017 CeBIT

Asia-Pacific Association of Commerce

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International Forum @ CeBIT 2017


20 - 21 March 2017 | Convention Center

About the b2city International Forum


Startups, innovative SME and global IT players are changing cities all over the world. And sustainibly growing cities may create new entrepreneurial ecosystems by implementing new technologies.


The b2city International Forum at CebIT 2017 in Hanover presented global experiences in the mutual developments of cities and technology:


"How smart IT systems work in major cities - and how municipalities can create a microclimate for innovation."


The Forum gathered both, municipalities as well as IT enterprises internationally - presenting and discussing on how to accellerate innovation, efficiently implement new technologies, create new public privatebusiness models and build crossborder networks and cooperations.


The b2City International Forum has been part of CeBIT 2017 "Public Sector Parc: The road to smart cities".


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Forum target groups


The forum, organized by local Global GmbH, has been attended by (i) companies with IT solutions for municipalities, (ii) economic developers interested in internationalization of local clusters in the area of "Smart City / Urbanisation", (iii) municipal decision-makers, interested in innovations and innovative business models, (iv) consulting companies, (v) national investment and trade promotion agencies, (vi) industrial cluster and regional urban networks.

Image: Deutsche Messe AG, edited by APAC

CeBIT Presentation

"Phuket: ICT Hub in Thailand"


APAC supported the b2city International Forum at CeBIT 2017 in co-coperation with the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) informing about strategic investment opportunities in the city of Phuket.


Phuket and Chiang Mai, the next city planned for a smart city project in 2017, were chosen because the Thai government considered them most prepared for it as well as their location and international ties.The Phuket smart city pilot project will initially zero in on digital infrastructure development, construction of a data center and enhancement of the island’s already established tourism industry.


Speakers included:


Ms. Vannipa Pipupchaiyasit

Investment Promotion Officer, Senior Professional Level, Software & E-commerce Unit, Thailand Board of Investment


Dr. Phadet Jinda (Mr.)

Managing Director, Phuket Smart City


Mr. Phattanan Pisutwimol

Board of Director, Phuket Smart City


Mr. Sakda Sarapatwittaya

Managing Director, Tropical Tech Co. Ltd.

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