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Join APAC @ CeBIT 2017

CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March | Hanover


CeBIT is the largest and most internationally represented computer expo. The trade fair is held each year on the Hanover fairground in Germany, the world's largest fairground. It is considered a barometer of current trends and a measure of the state of the art in information technology.


CeBIT showcases most up-to-date advancements in Information Technology, Computer, Software, Internet, Mobile, Telecommunication and Digital Business Solutions and is estimated to be attended by about 210,000 professionals.


CeBIT offers unique benefits. Boasting a show and a conference programme for professionals, CeBIT defines the latest trends, presents talks by high-calibre speakers and forward-looking panel discussions, and showcases product innovations from all over the world.


Partner Country at CeBIT 2017 will be Japan.

IT Resources Asia-Pacific


APAC provides the information and networking platform on the CeBIT 2017 -- discussing possible supplier-customer relations between companies from European and Asia-Pacific countries in terms of IT resources.



Exhibition: CeBIT Asia-Pacific Area


On the joint stand 'Doing Business with Asia-Pacific', planned by APAC, respresentatives and experts of various institutions and service companies will showcase their support to boost and optimize the co-operation of IT ressources companies of selected Asian-Pacific countries with their customers in Germany and Europe.



Presentation: CeBIT Eurasian Business Forum

Date and Venue: tba.


Speakers of APAC members and partners will discuss current and future trends in the IT sector, and related business opportunities between the emerging markets in Asia-Pacific and established industrial economies in Europe.




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